Essilor Vision Foundation bringing better vision and better lives to more than 20000 Indians


Essilor Vision Foundation and local Group partner Essilor Sankaran and Company (ESCO) first joined hands in November 2014 to launch screening projects in Tamil Nadu, a state in South East India.
Over the past two years they have organized free screening events in many different institutions and equipped people with free spectacles if vision problems were detected. The majority of initiatives have focused on children from underpriviledged families. Healthy vision is fundamental for children in order to be able to achieve their full potential at school and support their social and professional development as adults. In total, almost 17000 children and more than 3000 adults have benefited from free vision tests. About 600 spectacles where given out to girls and boys and over 200 to adults enabling many of them to see clearly for the first time.
The screenings also helped to create awareness about the importance of healthy vision in these local communities. –
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